I became a PT because I am passionate about creating change and extending the life of the general population through Fitness and Nutrition Guidance. I communicate well and I listen to people’s needs.

I played all kinds of sports in my youth but focused on Soccer, where I represented North Queensland.

I started resistance training at 18yo and spent 5 to 7 days a week at the gym, I was hooked!

Unfortunately about the same time I was hanging out with the wrong crowd in my personal life. I got caught up in world of drugs and alcohol.

So I was destroying my body in my social life and then at the same time I was training hard in the gym. This went on for years. Then I had an epiphany. I had many answers to my life that seemed to be answered at once. Was God involved? Yes. I felt him pull me out of the hell I was in. I suffered from lack of confidence and lack of self-worth. Although I found myself a spiritual journey, I was also on another journey. One day at the gym in late 30′s I saw a trainer instructing a guy to do a lift incorrectly. I thought to myself, how many years’ experience do these trainers have?

My training partners at the time suggested that I should become a PT.

Of course I grew up in the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Colombo, Frank Zane and of course who could forget Lou Ferrigno (he played the incredible hulk in the TV series). I read the Arnold Schwarzenegger encyclopedia from back to front several times over. I then did more self-studies in regards to Nutrition and all kinds of training methods before becoming a Cert IV trainer in 2007. I have had great success with weight loss clients, so much so I challenge any trainer in Australia to match my before and after photo portfolio of success stories.

I established Revealing Fitness in 2007 and have performed over 10000 Personal Training sessions. I also have worked with Professional sportsmen and women at the elite level.

I also know many things about sore backs, shoulders and knees. Suffering so many injuries myself over the years, I began to see a common denominator when going to Medical professionals for help. They all treated the symptom but not the cause. Then one day I thought, what am I doing? I know more about muscle imbalance than most. So I starting putting my experience into practice with great success.

I just recently fixed a guy’s shoulder where he could not lift his left arm over his head. For 3 years he had been to Doctors, Chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists without any relief. All they did was load him up with painkillers and wanted him to go under the knife. I diagnosed his muscle imbalance and over 6 weeks we worked on fixing his posture through a series of stretches and strength training that I had created myself. Today he has 100% range of motion with no pain and is very happy.

Personally, I have travelled a lot through most of Europe and North America and some of Asia. I have relatives in Poland and when my Father died a few years back my Brother, Mother and I decided to take his ashes back to his home country. This was the first time I had met my relatives from there and I intend to travel back there soon.

In my spare time at home I enjoy jet skiing, meeting new people and socializing with friends. I don’t drink or smoke and feel, for my age, that I’m in one of the best conditions of my life.


•Cert IV Personal Trainer.

•Advanced Boot Camp instructor

•Strength and Conditioning Coaching

•Certified Thump/Boxing

•Lose the Back Pain/Healthy Back Institute

•Nutrition 101

•Certified KettleBell and Battling Ropes

•First Aid and CPRI am the proprietor of Revealing Fitness and currently work out of Muscle and Fitness Kirwan. I really look forward to helping you with your health & fitness

I am the proprietor of Revealing Fitness and currently work out of Muscle and Fitness Kirwan. I really look forward to helping you with your health & fitness

goals; please contact me through the link below.

Your friend in health and fitness,


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