Well its 2107 and if you are like me your looking for a better year then 2016.Now I’m not saying it was a bad year but we always need to be looking forward.
So what can we do in our lives to make certain changes to what we have learnt in 2016.

Firstly i have decided not to set any major goals but to ease myself into change so i started the year with a shoulder injury which seems to have come good after a few visits to the chiropractor and some other work i did myself.

So i say this to you sort out any underlying health issues this is a great start rather then going for it straight up.
Then Start off in the kitchen i have added a home made vegetable fruit juice to help alkaline my body on a daily basis.
I have then fazed out most processed foods and excess sugar of course eating my 5 smaller meals a day and having one day a week where I’m eating higher carbs maybe a treat day now and then.
In the gym I’m focusing on light weight high reps keeping my breaks short and i do cardio 3 times a week on the bike with some ab work changing it up.So i rotate from cardio machines every 20 minutes with 3 sets of abs in between each station I go to.

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