I would like to give a shout out to my trainer Dale. I came to her after making a decision to get fit and strong to join the ADF. I knew I had neck and should issues but had previously just learnt to manage it with massage. First consult was a chat about my goals and then a big chat about my neck/shoulders. At our first gym session I was given a some postural exercises and to this day after 3 months or so later I have not visited the remedial therapist or had a headache. This has literally changed my life. 10 years I had to put up with this. No other trainer during that period came close. Thank God for Dale. But back to my training. I have achieved each of the PFA’a set by the ADF and feel the strongest and fitest of my life now at 41. If you want to achieved a set goal and are prepared to work hard at it and follow his nutritional advice Dale will get you there.


Hey mate!!! How are you? long time no speak!!! I hope all is well Mate I am back at gym.. Working hard to get 80kgs ripped. I am 76kgs now… Not as ripped as I would like lol. I am asking you to write me a work up program that I can use to get there. Out of everyone I have trained with you are the best mate. I respect what you have to offer. I train with Bobby Monday to Friday at 6am to 7am. So something that could fit in with what would be great! I just want something to work off.. . Cheers pal!

Video Testimonials


Sam Haber had been training with Dale from Revealing Fitness  for over 8 weeks where he lost almost 16kgs. Listen to him and what a difference it has made to his life doing 2 training sessions a week with Dale.

Photo Testimonials

As a personal trainer, I have had the honour to work with some outstanding people over the years. I have always stayed friends with them even when we have parted ways.

Feel Free to enlarge the before and after pictures to see what other successful clients have achieved on there journey. A steady routine of training and eating right can produce some amazing results.

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